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Standing ovations without breaking a sweat

Never leave your delivery to chance. Our BRKTHRU Stage training gives you the knowledge and skills to bring your best self to the stage and execute on the strategic map you've built to get a proverbial (and sometimes actual) standing ovation and "mic drop" moment every time. 

BRKTHRU StaGE Workshop

Our BRKTHRU Training experiences are planned and coordinated specifically for your team or group. We can host these experiences virtually on a schedule that fits your needs, or we can come to your office or offsite for an in-person training that will be like no other you've experienced. 

The BRKTHRU Stage Workshop is made up by three core mindsets that together give you a complete, holistic approach to successful delivery every time. 


Your Range is all about your unique personality and self-expression in your delivery. Take a deep dive inward to discover your delivery style, natural power, and areas of growth. Build confidence in yourself and growth in your range to reach every person in your audience.


Your delivery Map is your strategy for success. Much like a well-planned road trip, you'll learn how to create simple and effective goals, deeply understand who is along for the experience, and plan the best route to reach your goals.  


Your Levers are the skills and techniques used in your delivery to engage your audience and achieve your delivery goals. We have a catalog of skills to teach such as asking effective questions, powerful storytelling, using visual aids, and many, many more.

A workshop Built for everyone

Company L&D

Businesses and organizations that want to provide learning experiences for their teams to be better presenters, salespeople, trainers, leaders, and mentors. We can scale our learning experiences to fit your organization, big or small. 


Leaders at all levels, entry-level to executives, who want to be more effective in their people interactions. We can help all leaders improve their presentation delivery, influencing ability, and coaching effectiveness.  


Individuals who lead learning experiences for groups of people such as corporate trainers, educators, and HR professionals. We can help you capture the attention of every learner and make sure they leave with more knowledge and skill than when they arrived. 

Team Offsites

Build trust and camaraderie for your team while learning new skills that make them more effective at working together. We can work with you to strategize and plan the right experience for your team offsite. 

Content Creators

People and organizations that create content in both physical and digital mediums. We can help you create a strategy to clarify your goals and architect your content to blow your audiences' mind. 


Public and guest speakers who want to feel confident in themselves and their delivery every time. Build self-knowledge to harness your effortless power and learn a delivery framework to design every speaking experience that gets you standing ovations every time. 

The overall experience of our session with BRKTHRU Group resulted in more than I could ever ask for! Our entire US based team was able to come together in person, and since completing the session, there have been significant changes in the way that we deliver our presentations and training sessions to our wide range of audiences. 

German Suarez, Neiman Marcus

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