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BRKTHRU Coaching

Master your delivery.
Magnify your results.

Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Whether it's advancing your career, launching a new business venture, or simply maximizing your potential, having a personal brand that resonates with your target audience is crucial. Achieving such a feat requires expertise, strategic thinking, and a fresh perspective - qualities that are abundant in elite level coaching.

Grow Your influence

There's a perception that those who do great things got there alone. But if you trace the timeline of anyone who has had the most impact in the world- famous or not - all bets are on that they got there in part due to those who stood in front of them, behind them, and beside them throughout their journey. 

you want BRKTHRU delivery,
we've got your BRKTHRU Coach 

Each BRKTHRU Stage Coaching program gets you personal, one-on-one access with a BRKTHRU Coach. Experience laser-focused attention on you, your goals, and your success. Growth will be inevitable and more importantly, you will unleash a power you might never have known you had.

Deliver jaw-dropping presentations and get standing ovations every time you deliver to an audience. If you want these results, our Presentation Coaching is a must. 

We Help you Master

  • High-stake presentations

  • TED Talks or public speaking events

  • High-potential sales meetings with clients 

  • Classroom facilitators and trainers

How it works

  • Sessions are offered in half-day increments, with two session minimum​

  • Pre-work for deep discovery and post-delivery debrief session for strategy, recap, and development​

  • Multiple practice sessions and constructive feedback

Coaching Highlights

  • Your Range: your story​, your delivery TYPE, removing stage blocks ​

  • Delivery Map: Laser focus destination​, your passengers, your ultimate route 

  • Levers​: extrinsic delivery​​ & intrinsic delivery, connection, rehearsal, triggers

Optional Add-ons

  • Filmed practice sessions​

  • Attending live presentation for day-of support and feedback

  • Consultation on use and design of visual aids (PowerPoint slides, handouts, guides, etc.)

Coaching with you in mind


If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a new business venture or a business owner seeking to take your company to the next level, we can provide valuable guidance in developing a strong brand identity, improving delivery strategies, and expanding your network.


High-level executives and professionals who are aiming for career advancement, seeking to enhance their leadership skills, or looking to transition into a new role, title or industry can benefit from this program. We can provide guidance on personal branding, executive presence, strategic decision-making, and overall professional development.


Individuals working in creative fields, such as artists, writers, designers, or performers, can benefit from having us help you navigate the business side of your artistic delivery. We can provide guidance on personal branding, delivery strategies, and building a sustainable creative career.

Personal Growth

Even if you are not specifically focused on business-related goals, this program can still be invaluable for personal growth and development. We can assist in identifying and leveraging your strengths, improving communication skills, enhancing productivity, and fostering a growth mindset.

Today’s leaders need so much more than models or training. They need to know how to stand in any situation and tell their story. They need power and confidence in how they deliver. BRKTHRU Group knows this and has blended state of the art content with a progressive
 experience all wrapped up in a bow of true passion for helping us never fail our audience. I highly recommend leveraging BRKTHRU for yourself or your people organizationally across all levels. 

Rachel Williams, Dermtech 

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