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Helping You BRKTHRU

We teach you how to become the best in the world at delivering to your audience, on your stage, with the most impact. We'll help you get better results than you ever have before just as we have for all our clients.

Note from our founder


One of my favorite quotes was by Steve Jobs in 1983 when he said, “real artists ship”. It’s one thing to have great ideas, it’s another thing to deliver on them. Everything we believe in as a company goes back to how well you deliver your idea, your message, your story, or your dream to the world or a small fragment of it called your audience. After decades of work with organizations, teams, and individuals, I believe this is true leadership: to stand and deliver what you have to say, successfully. This requires influence, self-confidence, self-expression, and a relationship with your destiny that only you can embody. 


I’ve done many things alone, but nothing great until I called in people with different and more magnificent delivery skills than my own. Our BRKTHRU Group team is made up of masters from places like Apple, Nike, Neiman Marcus, and self-made companies that have had ripple effects across the globe. Each team member brings their own unique gifts to the workshops, coaching, and partnerships we have that help us get better and better at helping you become great at delivering. 

Melissa Goodwin 

The Experts of Delivery

We have decades of experience delivering to audiences all over the world. We've created a unique method for masterful delivery from the thousands of hours as trainers, coaches, and leaders. BRKTHRU Group was born from the desire to teach everyone to have the confidence and charisma to never fail their audience again. 

50 years

combined delivery experience on our team

16 countries

we've delivered on stage, coached others, and served as leaders

25K+ people

experienced our delivery and leadership

Meet the team

We are a group of passionate professionals with diverse life experiences aligned with one goal: to help you break through the barriers of poor delivery and never fail your audience again. 


Melissa Goodwin



Trent Proper Potter

Training & Development


Drew Shepherd



Alaina Reade

Delivery Master


Amy Cotter

Executive Coach


Ali Biello


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